Struggling With Dental Fear? Try These Techniques

Do you become nervous when thinking of dental treatment and examination? Do you experience anxiousness when you see dental clinics or dentists?

You are not alone. Almost 13% to 24% of people across the globe struggle with dental fear. Note that most people experience some level of dental fear, whereas some people struggle with high dental anxiety.

In Australia, one in every six adults struggles with high dental fear and nearly 5% of the Australian population show dental phobia – the extreme anxiety that prevents people from dental treatments and care.

You can cope with the dental fear using some smart techniques and ensure good oral care for a quality life.

Use Mind Distraction Techniques

Many people show dental fear due to some past dental experiences, like a painful molar molar tooth extraction in their childhood or some horrifying stories. You can try some mind distraction techniques to calm yourself.

You can listen to your favourite music or think about the episode of your favourite show while sitting in the dental chair.

Some dentists provide distraction options in the treatment room, such as TV and calming music. You can choose the service of such dental clinics to experience a relaxed dental treatment.

Try Relaxation Techniques

With relaxation techniques, such as controlled breathing, you can relax from dental fear. You can take a long breath, hold it for a few seconds, and release it slowly. The technique reduces your heartbeat and relaxes your muscles.

You can also try yoga and progressive relaxation techniques to relieve from dental fear. With the progressive relaxation technique, you make a conscious effort to relax each muscle of your body. Start from the toe, relax all the muscles up to the head. It is a great option to reduce muscle tension and dental fear.

Get Familiarise With The Clinical Environment

Many people feel relieved from the dental fear after they become acquainted with the dental environment. Before opting the treatment, visit the dental clinic and communicate your fears with dentists.

You can also visit the treatment room and try to create a good rapport with your dentist. It can help them to provide you with the required support and care during the treatment procedure. Note that some dental clinics are specialised in treating patients with dental fear.

Not Helpful? Go For Sedative Dentistry

Some people do not get the desired results with the above techniques due to their high anxiety. For such people, the dental industry offers sedative dentistry options. Dentists provide you with sedative medications to relax you while they perform the dental treatment. Dentists in Dandenong use medications such as tranquillisers, anxiolytics, and more.

The dental clinics offer oral sedation, inhalation sedation, intravenous sedation, and anaesthetics.

As the name suggests, oral sedation is taken orally by the patient a few hours before the procedure. While it does not relieve pain, it can relax you during the treatment procedure.

When it comes to inhalation sedation, dentists ask patients to inhale nitrous oxide – laughing gas – to get relaxation during the procedure. Dentists can control the sedation better and ensure the effects throughout the process.

Intravenous or IV sedation is the procedure of injecting a drug to make patients feel like they are asleep. Dentists administer propofol or benzodiazepine into the vein to give sedative results.

Dentists administer a local or general anaesthetic based on the extent of treatment required. While general anaesthesia makes people unconscious for dental surgeries, local anaesthesia blocks the nerve impulses to the area where the treatment procedure is performed.


The advancement of modern dentistry offers you multiple options to handle dental fear. You should use those options and ensure oral health as it can influence your overall health as well.