Tips to Managing Dental Emergencies Before Getting to Your Dentist

The reason for the emergency dentist is that emergencies cannot be ruled out of our daily living; hence, the provision for it. The first person to call and relate your pressing dental challenge with is your emergency dentist. This is because, by virtue of their training, they have made provisions for unexpected situations like this. Always keep your dentist’s contact details close by for emergency interventions and prompt actions when required.

A lot of patients have carelessly lost a tooth at the point of emergency because they couldn’t manage the time properly. If you love your teeth so much, you’ll want to get to your dentist within the shortest time possible after an accident occurred.

The following are some tips on how you can safely manage any dental accident before getting to your dentist. It is advisable you keep these tips safe.

When you have a knocked-out tooth

One of the most common dental emergencies is knocking a tooth out, which requires immediate attention. Before you get to your dentist, ensure these things are carried out in order to increase your chances of the tooth being preserved and reinserted safely by your dentist.

  • Avoid touching the root of the tooth but the crown (top).
  • While washing in the drain, place the fallen tooth on a clean towel to avoid it being washed away. Do not scrub or remove any tissue attached to the tooth while washing but rinse it off carefully to ensure it is clean.
  • Don’t try to fix it into your mouth yourself, leave that duty for your dentist but ensure it is kept in a clean container.
  • Call your dentist to book appointment immediately otherwise you forfeit the chance of the tooth being restored.

When your tooth is loose or out of alignment

It is possible for your tooth to shift from its initial position. When you experience this, put a call through to your dentist and do the following before reaching him or her:

  • With light pressure, press the tooth back to its original position.
  • Avoid too much pressure and force
  • Alternatively, you can bite it down to its position
  • When you get to your dentist, he or she will professionally splint it to fix it back

When you have fractured and cracked tooth

It is possible for your tooth to chip out, crack and get fractured. When it is mere chipping out without pain, it may not require emergency attention, but you may visit your dentist to have a look and fix it up to prevent further chipping while eating. For a fractured/cracked tooth, there is the need to get your dentist’s attention immediately. You can try the following while waiting for your dentist:

  • Rinse your mouth gently with lukewarm water
  • Depending on the cause of the fracture, you may apply a cold compressor to the affected area to prevent swelling if it arises from a facial accident.
  • Take any pain reliever immediately to relieve you of the painAvoid applying a painkiller to the tooth as it might touch the gum and get it burnt
  • You may be required to undergo an x-ray to determine the depth of the injury and the measures needed for treatment. At this level, you should relax because your dentist is involved and will guide you professionally.

Final thought

Always remember that your emergency dentist Melbourne is your friend whom you should carry along with your dental issues. Irrespective of the challenge, emergency dentist Melbourne have been trained and certified to discharge their duties with utmost good faith while holding your tooth health as their topmost priority.